Rage Against the Time- (And Money-) Stealing Machine (BTW, Best Buy Sucks)

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Today I spent over 1.5 hours on the phone trying to set up a simple tech-support home-visit appointment with the Best Buy Geek Squad. I made a total of 10 calls, first to my local Best Buy store (where I spent a nice chunk of money last July getting my computer fixed when it crashed, then paid a little more to have the Geek Squad be on-call for me whenever needed for a full year—-money I thought would be well-spent at the time, in that hiring professionals to fix tech issues is supposed to save me time, and TIME IS MONEY). But nooooooooooooo.

Best Buy, Geek Squad, you suck.

What should have been a simple call just to request an appointment with a Geek from the Geek Squad to come to my home, per my prepaid arrangement, to fix a minor hardware problem (broken webcam driver and a couple other minor operating-system issues), TOOK ALMOST TWO FREAKING HOURS. I am not kidding here. And all I was trying to do was book an appointment, not do any actual troubleshooting or even fix anything. (I already knew what was wrong AND that I couldn’t fix it). Instead of someone simply setting the appointment, I got bounced around from the local store, to 1-800-Geek-Squad, back to the local store, and then back and forth between the Computer Tech Support Department (who didn’t want to fix a computer webcam issue) to the Home Theater Department (who said they didn’t work on computers/webcams and sent me back to the Computer Tech Support department, ad nauseum), until I finally demanded to speak to a manager at the top of my lungs, and demanded that somebody just do their goddamned job and give me the service that I freaking paid for in advance FOR FUCK’S FREAKING SAKE. The webcam needs urgent fixing because I have a webcam-based job interview coming up which I would prefer to do in the privacy of my home office, and not at the office of my current employer (more on that later) or in some freaking Internet cafe like it’s 1998 or something.

(Needless to say, I will not be renewing my Best Buy Geek Squad Tech Support Annual Subscription). Because, again, they suck. 

Normally I would advocate for paying for unlimited home tech-support services in advance because it is theoretically a) a time-saver; and b) something which allows me to work from home in my very lucrative job as well as to interview for even more lucrative jobs from home. But in this case, the opposite proved to be true. The ROI just wasn’t/isn’t there if it takes 110 minutes for some faceless corporation just to do something as simple as make an appointment. (I wasn’t even trying to get them to FIX ANYTHING on the phone yet, JUST AGREE TO COME TO MY HOUSE TO FIX SOMETHING LATER.) That kind of defeats the whole purpose of a time-saving professional service, yes?

What we have here, Best Buy Lazy Sucky and Incompetent Geek Squad, is a failure to communicate. Not only that, we have a Failure in Taking Responsibility. There seems to be a disease rampant among corporate drones (and our government, just look at the raging tire fire that is our current government right now for an illustration of same) these days. Nobody wants to take responsibility for their own jobs to the point that they don’t want to do something as simple as setting an appointment. Nobody will do something even that basic until/unless you escalate to management and throw a fit, and even then, you are still unlikely to get any cooperation. The policy is to take your money and then give you nothing in return. Not only that, the seeming goal is to wear down your defenses, frustrate you, and render you paralyzed to the point you will just go away so these drones can just keep on refusing to do their job for someone else, all the while counting the dollars they basically steal from their “customers.”

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Here’s a tip: Don’t give in to that strategy. If corporate drones of any variety have taken your money (or TIME) with the promise of delivering a service, and then don’t deliver that service, you have every right to make their lives hell until they do provide it, OR PROVIDE A REFUND. You do not have to be nice, or polite, or apologize. If you paid for something, you should get what you paid for. Period. This is simple ROI. 

I have the same problem at my current job, where there definitely seems to be a corporate policy of Do Nothing, Take No Responsibility, and Shift Blame to Others attitude among the vast majority of the staff (or at least, the ones who haven’t quit in droves over the past 2 months—and yours truly will soon be joining the droves.)  This creates burnout among those who are being blamed/abused by the policy, but may also be a sign of burnout by those who are doing the responsibility-failing/blame-shifting themselves. Getting millennials to do anything, whether at my day job (where 90% of the staff is under 30) or in my personal life, seems to be an exercise in futility. Millennials are quick to blame others and very slow to produce any real work, or so it seems. (Well, Gen Xers like me, who have busted our asses for the past 30 freaking years only to be passed over for everything, are not fucking having it. Sorry, not sorry.)

Long story short, you do not and should not have to waste 2 hours of your Sunday afternoon trying to book a simple tech-support appointment. Best Buy/Geek Squad shall and should get the fullest extent of online wrath. Please share this post, and even if you don’t, the takeaway message for all you Frugal Folks out there should be: Value your money, and Value your time even more. You don’t have to accept anyone who doesn’t value either of those things (or you). Fight back and get (and keep) what’s yours—whether it’s your money, your time, or your sanity.

I remain your Cheap Yuppie Mom.


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