Back After a Brief Hiatus…

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Aaaaaaannd I’m back.

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted. I was busy training for the Chicago Marathon, job-hunting, and also catching up on some personal financial matters (like appealing our household’s property tax assessment, which is an ongoing saga that I will eventually blog about—promise!). There was quite a bit of fireworks going on nationally while I was away from blogging, too—-including the entire national scandal/blowup associated with Judge Kavanaugh—-which really should have focused more on his very scandalous finances instead of a he-said/she-said sex-harassment incident that happened 30+ years ago, but I digress….

The job hunt is going quite well thus far. I started the hunt in July, and I’m just now making some serious headway in terms of getting multiple interviews/strong interest from potential new employers. That may seem like a long time, but the average length of a  new job search is five months, so I’m actually right on schedule. My instincts to go looking for my next role in a higher tier of title, salary, and responsibility (otherwise known as a promotion) were right on target. Because 3 weeks ago, the semi-annual promotions were handed out at my current employer, and guess who DID NOT GET ONE? (Yep, that’s right. I didn’t.)  Very frustrating, because much younger/less capable/less effective people were promoted ahead of me, again reinforcing the millennials-get-promoted-for-just-having-a-pulse stereotype while GenXers (I’m one) yet again get pushed to the sidelines despite being the hardest-working people in the workplace)—-just like we always have for time immemorial. (sigh, it dates back to the 1980s for us GenXers, when our Me Generation/Baby Boomer parents parked us in front of TV and ignored us while they had wife-swapping key parties. Again, sigh.)

GenXers don’t get promoted. It is the bane of our existence. We are the quiet, effective, efficient, and mostly introverted worker bees who have been ignored by literally everyone since we were born. Now that we’re hitting our mid-40s to early 50s, it is finally freaking time for us to get into management ten-plus years late. Unfortunately, millennials are leapfrogging ahead of us simply because their generational numbers are larger and they can therefore make more noise/get more attention (they are not getting promoted over us because they’re more qualified than we Xers are are—news flash: they’re not). Case in point: the small company I work for is letting unqualified millennials take jobs they aren’t ready for, and it’s actually placed my current employer at very risk of going out of business thanks to their completely dumb/unrealistic and expensive ideas! Companies which don’t promote GenXers are cutting themselves short—-even endangering themselves, strategically speaking. Our expertise, experience, and commitment to practical, operationally sound work that is also sustainable over the long term beats flash-in-the-pan millennial “disruption” every single time.

After beating cancer earlier this year, I decided that life is too short to work for people who don’t recognize my worth and won’t promote me. I’ll be getting my promotion at another company via job-hopping, which pays off in spades. (Don’t wait for a promotion/raise to come to you, folks—go out get your own promotion by taking charge of your career! Interview for roles a level or two (or more!) higher in terms in pay, title, and responsibility than where you are now, but at other companies!)

In addition to searching for better pay, more prestige, more responsibility, and so on, make sure to look for better benefits when you’re out there interviewing for your next role. It’s the best job market in at least 21 years, or what CEOS call “a talent war.” Companies are increasing pay as well as benefits in their hunt for talent. If you are well-educated and have experience in a very in-demand field like I do, you can (and should) be able to get better health insurance (with lower out-of-pocket premiums), more perks (like company-paid cell phone costs, company-paid gym memberships, tuition reimbursement, generous vacation time, and more). The companies I am interviewing with are offering me all of these things, along with raises/promotions, better benefits, and stronger overall company growth than the employer I’m currently with. I also don’t think my current employer will fight to keep me, and it’s not as if I would stay even if they did, so—–)

I’m back to the job hunt races. Just got myself a new black suit. It’s gonna get plenty of use this fall!

I remain your Cheap Yuppie Mom.



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