Uber Frugal Month Challenge Update: I Shall Eat All The Things

brown potato in front of french fries
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m participating in Mrs. Frugalwoods Uber-Frugal Month Challenge and as such, I am committed to my Clean Out The Pantry Challenge. (Other members of my family not so much, but small wins, folks!) Therefore, I am fully on board with Mrs. Frugalwoods’ delightful Eat All The Things taskforce!

I have been knocking away at my pantry archive, as I like to call it. This week I have been eating such back-of-the-pantry items as:

  • Boxed pasta salad (You boil/mix it)
  • Almonds, trail mix, and dried cranberries
  • Chia seeds and flaxseeds (mixed with my yogurt and oatmeal each morning)
  • Monkfruit sweetener (in my tea; I’d originally stopped using it after first purchase because I thought it was icky, but now I like it. Acquired taste?)
  • Dried apricots that I forgot I had
  • Frozen peaches from the deep, dark recesses of my freezer
  • Some pretty old (but still good) salsa
  • Vitamins that I should have been taking all along, but wasn’t
  • Shampoo and soap that I found underneath some folded towels in my linen closet
  • Some bikini wax I hadn’t used in a long time (don’t ask)
  • A couple of frozen meals I needed to use before they went bad (good eating, actually)

Here’s what the next week of my at-home meals will consist of thanks to my pantry stock:

  • Sardines (which, as it turns out, are great food for someone who just went through the type of cancer surgery/treatment I just had. And I have a LOT of sardines….)
  • Corned beef (Not corned beef hash. Just straight corned beef. From one of those cans you need a key to open. Seriously.)
  • Frozen okra. (This stuff is positively ancient, but I am either going to eat it or turn it into some kind of fertilizer for my garden. I think I didn’t eat it originally because it is so hard to cook.)
  • Frozen butternut squash from last fall (I can use it to make ravioli)
  • Canned cherries (for a pie I had planned to make a while back and then didn’t)
  • A bazillion frozen pizzas
  • Frozen bread dough (Yes, frozen bread dough is still a thing).
  • A bazillion cans of tuna
  • Ramen, ramen, and yet more ramen
  • Black beans (I bought a case of black-bean cans at Costco last year and even though I eat black beans a lot, it seems I haven’t even made a dent in how many cans I own.)
  • A bunch of almost-gone-but-not-quite spice jars (I threw them en masse into a single pot of chili. Pretty good!

I thought about not shopping again until I had literally plowed through every single thing in my pantry, but I have decided against it. Because I think it always makes sense to have a little bit of a food/toiletry archive just in case WWIII breaks out and we experience rationing. (And World War III doesn’t seem far off these days…)

I also had to throw away some stuff that was spoiled, like peanut butter, Nutella (oh the humanity!) and some hard-boiled eggs I found in the back of my fridge that had turned into a botany experiment. All in all, some good progress!

I remain your Cheap Yuppie Mom.

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