Use It Up, Wear It Out: Month 1

In my ongoing quest to maintain my street cred as a Cheap Yuppie Mom, I have decided to make the next three months Use It Up, Wear It Out Months. To quote that old Great Depression/World War II propaganda rhyme from the 1940s:

Image result for use it up wear it out
…or do without!

I am quite frugal, but like most Americans, I have excess stuff in my house. I tend to buy things I don’t need, or buy in bulk to “save” money, and then I don’t end up using all of the “bulk” the way I should have. Given that I am already the most frugal person I know (besides my husband, and we’ll be talking about Extreme Cheapskate Yuppie Hubby later in other posts), I think I should work even harder over the next few months to find new ways to save. As such, I am going to channel my Inner World War Two/Great Depression Housewife and see just how long I can go without buying anything beyond perishable groceries. I have taken inventory of my pantry, cleaning supplies, closet, and other sundries and have determined that I can probably go almost 3 months! And since I have upcoming cancer surgery/chemotherapy scheduled for this summer, I am going to see if I can stick to some mega-frugality up through the surgery and chemo, especially since my income will take a hit when I go on medical leave.

So, who’s with me? Leave comments if you want to try a Use It Up/Wear It Out month or two with me!

I remain your Cheap Yuppie Mom!

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