Welcome to Cheap Yuppie Mom!


Who Am I?

A former personal finance journalist (seriously) and former licensed stockbroker whose first job out of college was editing stock-market reports at a private bank for millionaires. (Yep. True story)

Who Else Am I?

A working-class kid from a broken home who worked/paid her own way through college (scholarships, jobs) and graduate school (loans). I didn’t have rich friends, family, or connections who got me fancy internships or jobs. (Still don’t.)

Who Else-Else Am I?

A six-figure earning media professional who writes/produces educational TV and documentaries and knows some pretty important people (who I met through my own talent/gumption rather than family connections).

Who Else-Else-Else Am I?

A fucking cheapskate. Growing up poor and working your way through expensive, elite schools while living in expensive cities teaches some hard financial lessons. I have managed to do pretty well for myself financially, despite massive student loan debt from grad school and the not-always-stable employment options in media. (Plus my entire twenty-plus-year professional career occurred during a bazillion recessions/market crashes, but I digress…)

Why Am I Here?

To teach you how to pay for shit with cash only. And to teach you how to save money so you can do just that. And I am not going to tell you that you can live large on $5,000 or even $20,000 a year. Because you can’t. Any blog that teaches you that is bullshit.

But I can tell you how to save more on a respectable middle-class income ($50K or more) without going into debt. If you aren’t making at least that much, you probably need to get a better job—and I can help you with that, too.

Look, I’m not going to mince words here. I’m a yuppie with a graduate degree. I have a good job and a good salary that I planned for. I’m not broke, but I can do better financially too. (So can anybody). On this blog, you will learn from somebody who is cheap as hell yet still carries a designer purse and goes out to eat. Because I like to do those things, and I can afford them. What I do not do is borrow money. That period of my life is over. I pay cash for everything I own except my house, which has a small mortgage.

I have good (personal) reasons for not going into debt. You’ll learn what they are in future posts.

Meanwhile, readers (all 2 of you right now) you have a homework assignment until my next blog post. Go tally up all your debt. Credit cards, car loans, mortgage balance, student loans, personal loans (even payday loans, which I hope to God you don’t have, but if you do, you need to get the f*** out from under that rock, pronto). Once you have a number, write it down on a piece of actual paper. Then come back here in a week or so and I’ll have a post about how to change that number from whatever it is over to zero.

Here’s a tip: you won’t erase much from that number by giving up lattes.

Peace out, aspiring cheapskates.

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